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Keep a high-performing team. Focus on building your software product while we create and deliver the right technical content for you

Why Hackmamba

Focus on high
value outcomes

✨ Lean team

Maintain an efficient technical writing team. Focus on the most impactful product outcomes and delegate the rest

🚀 Faster delivery

Ship quality documentation, blog posts, and articles at 3 times the speed with fewer people to manage

💰 Lower cost

Receive the support of content strategists, editors, and SEO specialists at 64% less cost.

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Content Provision

Content Strategy

We plan your product content with both the big picture and the details in mind.

Content Creation

We create quality technical content with your users and business in mind.

Content Delivery

We deliver the content to you or directly to the right audience through our partners and channels

What our clients think of our authors and their work

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Chris Sevilleja

Founder - Scotch.io

I've worked with hundreds of technical writers and William stands at the top. He understands the learning mindset and is such a great writer that he mentors others to create content.

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Tessa Mero

Senior Developer Advocate, Cloudinary

With outside contractors, we like to work with the best content writers, and William is by far the best we've worked with for our DevRel team and Marketing team. My recommendation is very high when it comes to quality work, collaboration, and content done in a timely manner.

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Segun Adebayo

Creator - Chakra-UI

The team was swift and professional. Best part, they knew exactly what we needed for our guides and documentation.

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From technical articles, documentation, marketing posts, product notes, to copy-written webpages.