William Imoh

Sep 19 2022

Announcing the Jamstack Content Hackathon - 2022

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“It was mind-blowing. I never thought I could write this much without giving up on the way or using a month to complete it”.

These are the words of a participant from the last Hackmamba Jamstack Content hackathon. We taught participants how to write effective technical content. They built cool features, wrote about it, and got paid.

With over 25,000 readers on the content created during that event, we proved our thesis that content hackathons are impactful, a strong validation of the participant’s knowledge reflected in their portfolio. Also, the content leaves a lasting footprint on the internet.

We moved several steps clear of the side-project hell.

This year…

We’re back, foot on the gas, to learn, build better and create even more content. Still, on rhythm, everyone gets paid once their content matches set requirements regardless of whether they win the hackathon. Participants get to network with other engineers and writers with the opportunity to join the content team at Hackmamba. Yes, you read that right.

The winners emerging with the best product and content will be rewarded $1000, $800, and $500 for first, second, and third place, respectively.

The most fantastic swag items from the sponsors await participants, including discounts to the next Jamstack Conf! This edition is in partnership with Xata and Cloudinary and sponsored by Netlify and Uniform.

Xata is a next-gen serverless database packed with robust features to quickly build and scale your product.

Cloudinary provides developers with a powerful media API to upload, store, manage, optimize, transform and deliver images and videos. Developers utilize and easily integrate Cloudinary’s media experience platform via SDKs, widgets, and add-ons into web and mobile apps built using all popular tech stacks. Cloudinary enables developers to deliver dynamic, high-performance, personalized media experiences on any device.

As a participant, you are required to build Jamstack products and features using Cloudinary and Xata. You can do so with other tools and technologies, then write a tutorial post on your build process.

Senior Developer Advocates from Cloudinary, Xata, and Hackmamba will host free workshops. The workshops teach you all you need to know to write blog posts.

An expert session will discuss “How to source blog post titles and write consistently.” You don’t want to miss this hot topic.

Event Information

The event will commence at 6 pm GMT on the 21st of October 2022 and run until the 2nd of November 2022.

Register to be a part of the event using this link: https://bit.ly/jamstack-hack22

The workshops will be held at the event’s start, and sessions will be streamed on Youtube. Add the event to your Google Calendar using this link.

Subscribe to the Hackmamba Youtube channel to get notified of the stream. This event is sponsored by Netlify and Uniform.

Netlify makes building websites faster at every step: from development to feedback and QA. From iteration to deployment and hosting. No matter how your team builds for the web, Netlify just works.

Uniform digital experience composition speeds time to value for composable-experience architecture. Uniform lowers the development cost and makes it easy for business users to quickly build websites and applications.

This is going to be even more fun.

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