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Develop Your Technical Writing Skills

Attend technical writing workshops by experts, participate in a Jamstack content hackathon, get paid to write and publish content you create

Date: 21st October - 2nd November, 2022

Learn 📖

Attend technical writing workshops and learn how to write compelling technical blog posts from experts.

Build ⚒

Build with your team, and deploy any Jamstack app or feature using Cloudinary, Xata, and your favorite technology stack.

Write ✍🏼

Write and publish a tutorial post based on your app or feature. There are reviewers to ensure quality.

Get Paid 💸

Win up to $1000 or get paid $100 for writing and publishing correct content to dev.to!

From previous participants...

"The hackathon in general is quite amazing. The mentors are really helpful and they always assisted me whenever I needed them. Hope, I will get more opportunity in future."

- Sayanta

"It was mind blowing. I never thought I could write this much without giving up on the way or using a month to complete it. I am really glad I got to be part of this program and I can't wait to begin using all these new found knowledge and technical writing confidence the hackathon has given me. "

- Morayo

"I'd love to participate in a hackathon like this every year; I've learned a lot during this program and would love to do so again."

- Idris

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